Back in 2008 I left my very sensible career in London and started my own business painting after realising that motherhood and commuting was not a good combo! I've always painted and so it was a dream come true to be able to do it all day every day. 

I also have a degree in Arabic & Islamic Studies and have lived in Morocco, and over the years I gradually got more and more requests for Arabic artwork and started introducing extra products such as personalised prints.  

For about a year I experimented with working under an additional name, Qalbi (which means "my heart" in Arabic), on Etsy. This turned out to be a success, with most of my orders being in Arabic from both Qalbi and Painted with Love. It started to be an increasing struggle to manage both businesses, but Painted with Love was so close to my heart I was loathe to let it go.

But, after much procrastination (my poor husband has been listening to me agonising over it for a LONG time) I have finally decided to take the plunge, lose Painted with Love and move completely to Qalbi, specialising primarily in Arabic and Islamic gifts, but still offering my most popular designs from Painted with Love. 

I *think* (hope!) I've made the right decision, but please wish me luck!