*One-off * - Vintage 1922 Map of Northern Pakistan Hanging Wooden Heart



This is a one-off piece and completely unique. 

I love old maps - the colours and paper quality are so special and just not found in modern versions, and the details are fascinating and show how the world has changed. The map of Pakistan used on this heart is a real beauty and was printed almost a hundred years ago in 1922.

I have mounted the map by hand onto a solid wooden heart before gently sanding it around the edges to make it rounded and soft to the touch, and hanging it on a loop of twine. It comes complete with a hand-written tag detailing the year the map was printed.

The map includes part of Baluchistan, the mouth of the Indus, Karachi, the Kirthar mountain range, Washuk, Ras Malan.

Gift wrap 

Your heart will be prettily wrapped in tissue and twine.


    Approximately 7.5x7.5cm and 0.6cm thick. Perfectly sized to hang from door knobs, bed-posts, hooks, twiggy trees etc.