*One-off painting* - Shahada - Persian Hanging Wooden Paisley Decoration



A long time ago I asked a man who had a woodland in Somerset to cut some wooden paisley shapes for me to paint. They take ages to decorate because of the amount of detail, but once in a while I paint one when the urge takes me. 

This one was inspired by Persian floral tiles and ceramics in shades of blue with a touch of gold. In the centre it says the Shahada in Islamic calligrahy - "La ilaha ila Allah wa Muhammad rasool Allah" - There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

It is hung from sheer gold ribbon.

This is a one-off piece and completely unique. 

Gift wrap 

Your paisley will be prettily wrapped in tissue and twine.


    Approximately 11 x 7cm and 0.7cm thick - the perfect side for door knobs and bed posts.