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My 5 minutes of fame on Pakistan's Geo TV

My 5 minutes of fame on Pakistan's Geo TV

Well, it has to be said that being featured on a major Urdu-speaking Pakistani news channel and broadcasted across the world was not on my To Do list for last week. So imagine my surprise when a chain of events happened that led to this ^. 

How it all started

Isn't it funny how one seemingly small event leads onto another and another and another with unexpected results.

A couple of years ago my computer died so I googled local computer repair specialists and found Computer Gurus. They have been brilliant and have become my immediate point of call for all things PC related ever since.

Over the course of our many conversations (I mess my laptop up quite regularly!) they got to know about the Islamic side to my business, so asked me a while back if I'd like a stall at an event they were helping to organise for the Pakistani community in Kent in support of a charity Share for Care.

Share for Care

Share for Care charity PakistanShare for Care is a charity set up and supported by Kent-based Pakistani doctors to help fund medical equipment in Pakistan where there is no such thing as the NHS. Also many of these doctors run clinics to provide free treatment when they return to Pakistan to see families. This event was their annual cricket match and family fun day to help raise much needed funds while having a catch-up. 


Qalbi Arabic Art So last weekend on Sunday 15th September I drove up to the cricket pitch at Mote Park in Maidstone and set up a display of my Arabic & Islamic art and prints. It was one of those beautiful "Indian-summer" warm September days that become increasingly precious as autumn approaches. There were heaps of people there both playing and watching cricket, the most amazing food smells wafting, children playing and people nattering. It really was lovely. 

The interview with Geo TV

Nasir Jamil and Wadood MushtaqAt one point Geo TV, a major Pakistani News Channel, came along to report for the news about Share for Care and the event and the reporter Wadood Mushstaq came over to see my stall and we had a chat. And as a result of that, he decided not just to include me in the 90 second news bulletin about the event (which I'd have been chuffed with), but to run a feature specifically on me as an Islamic Calligrapher (with capital letters no less!).  So I was duly interviewed and filmed blathering away - there's nothing quite like having a camera pointing at you and a microphone in your face for making you forget your own name!

And then last night on Geo TV this aired as the final part of the 9 o'clock news on Geo's various satellite channels across the world and this morning on their You Tube channel! And all this resulted from my laptop screen dying years ago!

I don't speak a word of Urdu so have no clue what the commentary says but I've been assured it's all good! If it turns out it's not then this blog may disappear ;-) 

So that's probably my one and only brief dabble with global fame - sadly my newfound "celebrity status" doesn't seem to have got me out of emptying the dishwasher though. 


And a huge thank you to Computer Gurus, Wadood of Geo.TV and everyone at Share for Care for all your encouragement, support and welcome on Sunday, without which this wouldn't have happened. 




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