A little project just for fun - wooden Hamza hand

A little find in IKEA

Recently I took a little trip to Ikea and despite my shopping list did the typical thing and came home with various things I'd never set out to get. One of them that caught my eye was this wooden hand with movable fingers and wrist- a complete bargain at £10. As soon as I saw it I just *knew* what needed to be done to it and was itching to get to work.

I wasn't all that keen on the bare beech wood, so the first step was to stain it with a watery paint solution of burnt umber, black and white. For the purposes of this I used Daler Rowney System 3 paints, as the quality of the paint didn't matter too much


I then spent ages mapping out the design of a henna-inspired Hamza hand with an eye in the centre, which traditionally is supposed to ward off evil. Once I'd done that, I got painting, using a slightly diluted white liquid acrylic from Golden. Golden paints are just lovely to work with for detail and text because they're both smooth and have a high pigmentation. Pricey but worth every single penny in my opinion.



It's now on display in our downstairs loo next to our vintage phrenology head and looks rather beautiful if I do say so myself!


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