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اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم (assalaamu alaikum) and welcome to Qalbi.  My name is Claire and I am the person behind the website.  Qalbi means "my heart" in Arabic.  I am a UK-based artist with over 25 years' of experience and have designed, painted and created everything you see here with love, care and attention.  If you have any questions or would like to commission a custom design, just get in touch.

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I know it might be difficult for you to see your loved ones at the moment. So to make things easier for you, if you'd like to send a gift to someone, I can wrap it nicely and send it directly to them, including a little card with a personal message from you, all at no extra charge. Just let me know what you'd like the message to say in the notes box when ordering.

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Personalised prints and art...

And original paintings and calligraphy...


I have thoroughly appreciated everything you've done throughout this period. Your level of professionalism as well as your general lovely persona and accommodating nature is so wonderful. {...} I just wanted to pass on my greatest thanks and express my gratitude for all the lengths and general kindness you have shared.


What your work allowed me to express to her is inexplicable. Something so simple really strengthened our relationship.


I just made another order on your site. I always, always come straight to you when I'm looking for a gift.


I love it so much! It’s even more beautiful in person!


Absolutely love this. Claire was very accommodating to my wishes. It's perfect

Amz Rafiq

Returning purchaser! Beautiful unique gifts, I love this shop!


Stories from my Studio...

The story behind the Painting - Surat Al-Ikhlas

The story behind the Painting - Surat Al-Ikhlas

The Surat al-Ikhlas is the final chapter (112) of the Quran. It's especially close to my heart because it's one of the first that I learned off by heart in Arabic many moons ago when I was studying in Fez from our wonderful teacher Professor Abdel-Hadi Honerkamp. He was one of those rare teachers that leaves a beautiful mark on your life - an American revert full of wisdom, incredible knowledge and fluent in Arabic, who couldn't but help going off track and telling a story in every lesson. Whenever we went back to the UK for a visit we all had to bring back...

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The Hamsa Hand - History, Meaning and Traditions

The Hamsa Hand - History, Meaning and Traditions

During my time in Morocco, the hamsa hand, or hand of Fatima (after the daughter of the prophet Muhammad) as it was often referred to there, was a common sight. It brings back happy memories and is something I've always had an affection for resulting in various jewellery purchases over the years! So I thought I'd do some investigation and find out more about its origins and meaning, which led to a little craft project to make my own. 

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An Arabic twist on crafts

An Arabic twist on crafts

With a few exceptions, Islamic art remains fairly traditional in both style and techniques. One of the things that inspires me to try new designs is that there are lots of amazing ideas, creative techniques and skills out there, but not many have been fused with Arabic & Islam yet. As an artist, designer and general crafty-bod, this so much scope and potential. Here's a recent experiment of mine and the beginning of some idea sharing. Please come and join in the conversation. 

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